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They call me curious, visionary, connected, probably because I love connecting projects, ideas, and people.

Curiosity, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking are my superpowers. With over 15 years of work experience in adv and digital agencies, I can tell that great ideas are born when a single person’s vision meets teamwork.

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I can be your

Thanks to my extensive experience, I can assume many roles in any projects: from Creative Director to Communication Strategist, from Innovation Manager to Design Thinking Specialist. In every team I join, I can play my part either as a creative, a strategist, and a manager.

Challenging projects and teamwork are kind of my thing!

Work Experience

Digital Creative Director
Louder Italy
Jun 2019 - Today

Digital Creative Direction and Communication Strategy.

Creative Director and Founder
Jen 2019 - Today

Digital Innovative Projects and Consulting

Digital Creative Strategist
Jun 2018 - Dec 2018

Digital Project and Communication Strategy

Digital Creative Director
Eggers2.0 srl
Jan 2008 - Jun 2018

Digital Creative Direction, Head of Innovation Project.

Earlier Producer and Multimedia Specialist… 

Giorgio Risi Srl
2005 - 2008
Photographer and Editing
2003 - 2005
Multimedia Specialist
2001 - 2003


Design Thinking
Synesthesia srl
Jan 2020 - Today
Multimedia Design
IAAD / Digital Communication Design - Bologna
Oct 2018 - Jan 2019
Design Thinking
IAAD / Digital Communication Design - Torino
Jan 2017 - Today
Communication Strategy
IAAD / Digital Communication Design - Torino
Jan 2017 - Today
From Brainstorming to Crossthinking
CMFT / Eggers2.0 srl
2014 - 2016
New pioneers for new digital professions.
Codice Cultura / Eggers2.0 srl
Courses and Certification

Never stop

Every day, I devote time to researching and learning. In my opinion, knowledge and experience are the two hands of creativity. That’s why I have been attending courses and getting certificates in Creativity and Lateral thinkingProject managementDigital Transformation, and User Experience Design. 

As long as I have questions,
I'll never stop looking for

Design Thinking
Designing Strategy
Unlocking Creativity
Design Thinking
Emotional Design
Don Norman Masterclass
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Design Thinking
Web Design / UX Design

My desk, my

If I love my job, it is because I met incredible eye-opening people who taught me a lot. But I was also lucky enough to come across many inspiring books and videos.

So thanks for your bright ideas!

My clients & Collaborations

Did I do that?

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing international Brands from Food and BeverageFashionTechnology, and Innovation industriesIn each of those diverse and challenging projects, my reliabilityversatility and teamwork attitude were my lens to see things from a different perspective.


some of my clients

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I’m always interested in getting involved in new projects and opportunities so if you have any crazy ideas or exciting projects, contact me!

My daily Mantra is:
Never say “it’s impossible“, you can only say “I haven’t done it yet!